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So as you can see, ELLE Japan fancast Presley Gerber, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zooey Deschanel, and Chloe Moretz as Ciel, Sebastian, Meyrin, and Lizzy respectively.

They chose…

  • Presley because he’s so pretty he could be mistaken for a girl
  • Benedict because he’s intellectual and much more sexy than the actual actor set to play Sebastian in the dubious 2014 film
  • Zooey because she can do clumsy, cute, and chipper (like in New Girl apparently)
  • Chloe because she is pretty but can also kick ass (like in, uh, Kick Ass)

Tim Burton is their choice to direct because he’s known for Gothic, Fantasy, and Horror—three genres in which Kuroshitsuji admittedly does seem to fit.

(Although personally I vote NAY on Burton because we’d end up with Depp as Sebastian and I just can’t see that ending well at this point.)

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    Oh, my god. I love the idea of casting Benedict as Sebastian! That would be so freaking epic if that were to come true,...
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